a free, instant Christmas greeting from the photos and videos you love!

‘Tis the season for Slidely. With its brand-new, one-click Christmas video creator, users can instantly create and share beautiful custom videos made from their very own photos or their friends’ photos – complete with special holiday effects and Christmas music. The holidays are all about sharing special moments with family and friends, and it’s essential to make a lasting impression with a unique and memorable greeting. Use the new Slidely Christmas video creator right in your Facebook: http://slides.ly/SlidelyXmasVideo

With Slidely, it only takes seconds to create a personal video with captivating photos – extra points for the effort and creativity are guaranteed.


We wish you a Merry Christmas Greeting! from Easyhi Ecards on Slide.ly.

Slidely has brought the slideshow into the social age. Users can pull images from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Google Images, Flickr, and other sources-or from their own computers-and instantly compile them into a holiday-worthy Facebook video. They can even incorporate their favorite music (audio file, Soundcloud or YouTube video).

Users can create as many slideshows as they’d like, with no hidden fees for viewing or sharing. Plus, they’re a permanent keepsake-recipients can save the slideshows and watch them whenever they choose. Create your own now: http://slide.ly

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Christmas greeting with music! The best xmas card is actually a video…

It’s Christmas time! Feel the great feeling that comes with it, and allow yourself to get extra merry and cheerful (we sure don’t have enough days where we can allow ourselves to be merry;)
if your looking for a special way to Share the spirit of joy and togetherness joy on this holiday of Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones. here’s a great special way,
that is fast, free and share a beautiful Merry Christmas greeting that will be great to come back to all year around!

With Slide.ly you can easily collect your favorite photos, add your favorite Christmas music, and let it auto-magically turn it into a beautiful video you can instantly share with those who care!

Here’s an example below:

Your Christmas Greeting Video! from Easyhi Ecards on Slide.ly.

You like? great! Now, there are two ways to create a stunning video like this, automatically with you Facebook albums: http://slides.ly/InstantXmas

or manually (a couple of minutes more, but the results are much more personalized!) by visiting the main site at: http://Slide.ly

Both are free, fast and super fun! Enjoy your weekend and happy holidays…;)



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These Christmas Cards will last all year! Share an amazing Holiday Greeting this year Instantly, with your picture!

With so many great Christmas ecard designs to choose from (simply add your photo and share on Facebook, Twitter and more!) and now with the new ‘Create your own Free Christmas Greeting Studio‘ it’s Easy and Fun to create and share the best holiday ecards out there today.

Try it out for yourself, Send your Christmas Card on Facebook or a New years greeting with your photo!

Amazing Xmas<br /><br />
greetings for you!

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for great Christmas greetings with your photos check the new EasyHi ecard application on facebook

For instant great results nothing beats mixing your own photo with these great designs,
check out the new EasyHi greetings application – you can easily send a Christmas greeting and find many other creative ecards ready to be shared and cherished.

This Xmas greeting has a picture (of you or your family) with a great design and a beautiful Christmas classic: Christmas Greeting on Facebook.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

free Xmas ecards from EasyHi on Facebook

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Christmas application on Facebook with holiday greetings

With the launch of the new application making amazing Christmas Slideshows is easier than ever.

With seasonal background themes, xmas music from YouTube, family christmas photo collage and cool holiday stickers and animated effects, creating one is crazy fun and the results are moving and unique..

I’ll take a minute to create one…

here it is, happy new year and Merry Christmas everybody, enjoy making one today!

Visit the facebook application here : Photo Slideshows and Photo collages for Christmas

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Send a Christmas greeting loaded with classic holiday cheer

This Christmas how about making an amazing Xmas ecard that’s a true classic? Using the op ten classic Christmas songs one can think of. What is tying these classics together is the feeling of togetherness, love and musical harmony and holiday cheer related to Christmas. There is an unbelievable assortment of holiday tunes that have been recorder over the years. These classic Christmas oldies are the songs that make you hum with Christmas delight and remind us of simpler times and what it means to celebrate Christmas year after year.

We are proud to give you these timeless classic Christmas songs and thank the artists who have recorder and sung these beautiful melodic treasures.

When added to your free Christmas greeting you share the true magical spirit of Christmas in a personal way with each and every recipient you hold dear.

as always you can share this one on Facebook here: Classic Christmas songs Greeting

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Direct full size link: Christmas Art

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Olivia Newton John singing silent night on YouTube.. A Christmas greeting you can’t resist!

Listening to Olivia’s a lovely soothing voice performing this classic Carol will make anyone feel all christmassy…

as This happens to be one of my favorite’s and I always remember Paddy (my dog) getting in one of his relaxed moods as the holiday approaches, and this song gets quite a few plays around the house, I thought it’d be quite funny to add his photo to this Christmas ecard.

I thought the animated sleepy moon really made this one a Xmas greeting to remember;) so this is me sharing Silent night by Olivia Newton John, with the help of Paddy..

Make your own Merry Christmas greeting on Facebook

or visit www.slide.ly

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Vintage seasons greetings without leaving Facebook (a social Christmas e-card)

Using Facebook to create a Christmas greeting can be fun and very time saving!

Having direct access to your family, friends and peers, as well as their photos, YouTube videos, Christmas songs – makes sharing your personal xmas e-card a breeze.

Using a vintage seasonal background, snow effect and Frank Sinatra’s rendition of Holiday classic “Jingle Bells” we made this example in a couple of minutes (and had a blast making it!:)

With just a few mouse clicks you can share a greeting like this:

Create a holiday Photo Slideshow or Photo Collage with Slidely!

or create your own personal greeting.

To share this one simply click the

Vintage Christmas greeting on Facebook

Hope you enjoy this one!

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